Five suggestions for improving the fleet graphics wrap

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Five suggestions for improving the fleet graphics wrap

Your brand represents who you are.

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One of the most flexible and cost-effective ways to market your brand and product is through fleet graphics. These five recommendations will help you boost your business.

1. Make a strong first impression and capture your viewer’s attention.

You just have a few seconds to draw your customers’ attention to the area you want them to focus on. Through good design, draw people’s attention to the part of the fleet graphic wrap that you’ve designated as the most important.

2. Promote always, day and night.

Reflective fleet graphics can help you make a better first impression on your potential customers. Reflective accents, such as decals, cut letters, or reflective wraps, keep your message visible throughout the day. They can also help to improve visibility, which is beneficial for safety.

3. Keep it short and to the point.

Tell your brand’s story and reflect its identity simply but powerfully. Customize your fleet graphic wrap to match your brand and use them consistently throughout your fleet. Stay on brand and express the same main story, even if the design changes. To achieve a consistent look, use the same themes, colours, and images. This can help your viewers recognize your brand and reinforce it.

4. Make your designs scale-friendly.

If your fleet vehicles differ in size and type, change your brand messaging and appearance accordingly. It’s possible that a design that’s ideal for your trailer won’t work with your delivery truck. To improve the appearance and efficacy of your graphics, scale and customize them to your vehicle.

5. Keep your graphics up to date for a professional appearance.

Graphics that are well-maintained are critical for keeping your brand’s reputation. Customers may have a poor perception of your brand if your fleet graphic wraps are not cleaned or look sloppy. Make sure your graphics are up to date and fresh. Keep track of the life cycle of your graphics and update them as the manufacturer recommends.

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