Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers

die cut and kiss cut stickers
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Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers

When you are purchasing vinyl stickers, the die-cut type and kiss-cut type should be common to see on the introduction page of the sticker supplier. So are you really clear about the difference between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers?

die cut and kiss cut stickers
These two types of stickers may look similar at the first glance. However, they have different features and advantages.


Vinyl Die Cut Sticker

custom graphics

A Die Cut sticker is cut straight through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the exact shape of the design. So when you get the sticker, all you see is the custom shape and sticker design, which makes for a great-looking sticker even before it’s applied.


Kiss Cut Sticker

A Kiss Cut sticker is also precision cut, but the vinyl is cut through while the paper backing stays intact. Kiss cut stickers typically have a square backing around the design.


Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers, How to Select?

When using the same artwork, both Die Cut stickers and Kiss Cut stickers look exactly the same when applied to a surface. So, which should you choose?


Both die cutting and kiss cutting are fantastic options so it is really up to your preference. Generally speaking, most people tend to prefer the presentation of Die Cut stickers.



space-stickers collection

If you are designing a collection of different stickers, then Kiss Cut will be better. Because you can print some creative elements on the space around your stickers, which makes the whole product more attractive and unique. You can even add your brand name, website, or contact details.

If you are a retailer for end-users, then Die Cut stickers are what you need, their exquisite shape is more eye-catching and offers a better customer experience.



If you have an intricate design, a kiss cut will be better. The paper backing will help to protect the sticker from scratching the edges.



It’s hard to tell which one is cheaper. Because the cost is based on design and quantity. However, die-cut stickers usually have a lower cost with a large order quantity.


ACME Vehicle Stickers Features


Both die cut and kiss cut vinyl decals are added with overlaminate in gloss or matte finish. This will extend stickers’ outdoor durability and resistance to fading.



ACME uses premium vinyl film and HP Latex advanced printing technology to fabricate vehicle decals, which are weatherproof, anti-scratch, and abrasion.


Custom Design

We offer custom designs for both Die Cut and Kiss Cut stickers, but the MOQ for die cut is generally higher than kiss cut.

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