Custom Van Wraps for Business Branding and Marketing

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Case Study

Custom Van Wraps for Business Branding and Marketing

Van wraps have become increasingly popular for businesses to advertise and promote their brand. This case study will show how ACME helped our customer highlight their impact on marketing and brand visibility with the custom van wraps.


Van wraps are large vinyl graphics applied directly to the surface of a vehicle. They serve as mobile billboards, allowing businesses to showcase their branding, contact information, and key marketing messages wherever the vehicle travels.

Customer Industry: Furniture Industry

Objective: Our customers sought to increase their brand visibility and attract new customers in their service areas. The company decided to invest in van wraps for its fleet of service vehicles.


Customers want to collaborate with a professional design and printing company specializing in vehicle wraps, so they found us. The process included:

Design Phase:

Creating eye-catching designs that reflected the brand’s colors, logo, and services.
Ensuring the design was clear and readable from a distance.

Production Phase:

Printing the design on high-quality vinyl material.

ACME Van Wraps provides a 3~7 year warranty based on customers’ requirements. Vehicle wraps and graphics can demonstrate complex designs and are fully customizable in size and colors. We use premium ink & vinyl materials that are eco-friendly.

Installation Phase:

Our customer successfully applied the vinyl wrap to the vans with the help of our installation guidelines.

The wrapped vans garnered attention on the roads and in parking lots, significantly increasing brand exposure.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards or print ads, the van wraps provided continuous advertising without recurring costs.

Based on our customers’ feedback, the initial investment could be paid off within the first six to 10 months due to the increase in customer acquisition.


By transforming their service vehicles into mobile advertisements, our customer achieved a significant return on investment and established a strong presence in their market.

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