Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics

ACME has been providing custom graphics for vehicle OEMs for over 20 years. Our vehicle graphics are widely applied on various cars including buses, caravans, trailers, police cars, ambulance, vans, etc. More than 40% of Chinese commercial coach buses are installed with our graphics.

We’ve been a 3M select gold graphic provider since 2008. Our flexible production lines enable us especially suitable for the production of custom vinyl graphics even in small quantities. No matter it’s a sticker of small size or large format printing, ACME can work out the most suitable solutions for you.

glow in the dard stickers

Glow in the dark stickers

This is a unique sticker that emits a bright greenish glow in darkness after it has been exposed to natural or artificial light for a period of time.
reflective decals for vehicles - acme

Reflective graphics for vehicles

Reflective graphics and decals have a good eye-catching effect, it will help your vehicle stand out from the crowd.
custom graphics stickers pet elements -acme

Custom vinyl stickers - pet and paw

This is a specially designed custom vinyl sticker we made for an animal protection agency, the paw is composed of a cat and a dog.