What Vehicle Type is Best for Your Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

commercial vehicle wrap
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What Vehicle Type is Best for Your Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

It can be confusing how to produce the ideal commercial vehicle wrap for your business when it comes to branding your company. Aside from the wrap’s design and materials, you should think about what vehicle type is suitable for your commercial wrap. The shape and size of your car can have a significant impact on the final design of your wrap. As a starting point for your vehicle wrap, consider the dimensions of your vehicle. For example, the number and size of windows, and any other physical side that may affect the design of your wrap.

3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Vehicle Commercial Wrap

commercial vehicle wrap

The following tips can help you create a perfect and attractive commercial wrap. No matter what type and model of vehicle you have, it’s sure to bring extra attention to your business.

1. Be Aware of Your Windows and Doors
The design of your wrap might be affected by the windows and doors of your vehicle. Although commercial wraps can be properly fitted on windows, it is important to consider if this will be attractive or functional for your vehicle. Keep in mind that when a door is open, your logo, contact information, or other design components may be cut off or hidden. If possible, keep all important information for a section within the borders of a door to avoid any design flaws. Instead of spreading your brand across both doors, put it in the centre of one of them.

2. Bigger Vehicles Better Visibility
Sometimes large trucks or vans aren’t suitable for every business. But there’s no denying that they provide more capacity for graphics and larger lettering. Taller than most sedans and SUVs allowing your commercial wrap to stand out much more easily in traffic or while parked in a busy place.

3. Your Wrap Design and Quality Will Always Matter Most
The type of vehicle should be considered while designing a wrap. The final design and vinyl quality are the most important considerations. On a suitable vehicle, a poor-quality wrap with a sloppy design will often produce fewer leads than a beautiful wrap on a smaller vehicle. Contact a professional to design your wrap to secure the greatest possible outcomes for your company.

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