Vehicle wrap-Fixing wrinkles problem 

vehicle wrap film wrinkles

Vehicle wrap-Fixing wrinkles problem 

We had a customer last week who needed his vehicle wrap fixed. He has a large piece of vehicle wrap film on the side that extends from top to bottom and covers both doors. And near the gap, there are wrinkles. Today, we’ll discuss how to squeegee the vehicle wrap film back down to make it smooth and flat when it starts to wrinkle after it has already been applied to the vehicle’s surface.

Instead of pulling up the entire panel to correct those wrinkles, the ACME technician chose to separate the panel into two sections by cutting through the gap between two doors.

Pull evenly from the bottom to the top as you lift the wrap. To trigger the memory of the film so that the wrinkles can go away.

The technician warms and relaxes the wrap just a little bit. Wait until the wrap has cooled. Those small wrinkles have disappeared since the wrap was self-healed by heat.

Always squeegee at a 45-degree angle. In order to work the material back out, apply a little bit more heat as necessary, let it cool down, and then repeat.

Have a wrinkles problem? Don’t worry! Contact ACME Graphics through our online contact form and we will provide you with the perfect solution for your needs. To learn more about why vehicle wrap installations fail and how to solve the problem.

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