Stickers for Bus – Custom Design Vinyl Vehicle Decals

stickers for bus

Stickers for Bus – Custom Design Vinyl Vehicle Decals

There are many options for decorating your bus. You can either wrap it, paint it or just apply some vinyl graphics or decals on it. Besides, you can also combine painting jobs with decals. For some complex design which can not be fulfilled by painting, vinyl decals will be the best choice. Below is one of ACME’s custom design stickers for the bus.

bus decalscustom bus graphics
This bus sticker is made with premium vinyl material, which is waterproof, anti-scratch, and resistant to UV. The design is composed of complex patterns and lines, only printed graphics can present such a high-resolution effect.

Vinyl stickers for bus fleet can greatly reduce the downtime of buses and owners can easily remove and change them for some event or holiday promotion purpose.

stickers for busvinyl bus decals

Vinyl vehicle wraps are very popular in Europe and the Americas, but they are not widely applied in some countries. Especially in the public transportation field, most bus or taxi companies choose painting. However, we believe vinyl wrap and decals for vehicles will be the trend in the future and there is a process for people to accept new things. You may want to check the differences between vinyl stickers and painting jobs.

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