Reflective Vinyl Car Decal Custom Design

reflective vinyl car decal

Reflective Vinyl Car Decal Custom Design

American Flag Reflective Vinyl Car Decal

Recently we produced a batch of custom reflective vinyl stickers for one of our customers.

reflective vinyl and common vinyl

Can you tell the differences between the common vinyl stickers and reflective vinyl stickers? During the daytime, the actual color of reflective vinyl sticker paper looks close to silver and has a shiny feel. (We currently use 3m reflective vinyl material with original colors white and black.)

However, if in a dark place, the reflective vinyl stickers will be much visible than common vinyl stickers. ( The reflective effect will be shown under a light source similar to a flashlight or car light. This reflection effect is different from self-luminous like a glow-in-the-dark sticker.) Check the reflective effect below:


Features of ACME Reflective Vinyl Car Decal:

  • Premium reflective vinyl film material (3M).
  • With air-release channels on back adhesive for bubble-free install and easy repositioning.
  • Removable with no residue.
  • High-resolution printing


Check more info. or design ideas about reflective vinyl stickers.


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