Off-road Caravan Graphics for Ellevan Caravan Wild Fire

Off-road Caravan Graphics for
Ellevan Caravan Wild Fire

In order to be stand out in the 21st China(Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition, Ellevan Caravan, a newly established RV company find us to fabricate a kit of off-road caravan graphics for their newly launched vehicle “Wild Fire”.

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Considering caravan will be exposed to sunshine, rain, and other severe weather conditions most of the time, we choose top-grade cast vinyl wraps as the raw material for this trailer. Besides, the graphics are printed with our wide format HP latex ink printer that generates vibrant and lasting colors. On top of the vinyl, we add a layer of laminate to strengthen protection, so that these off-road caravan graphics can have long durability against UV rays or abrasion.

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The logo of Ellevan Caravan is designed from a Quaternary Celtic Knot, which represents the four major elements of nature: earth, water, fire, and air. Besides, it also includes four directions: east, south, west, and north. The tough lines of the car body with black and orange patterns and geometric figures give people a cool and mysterious feeling. These customized off-road caravan graphics are well suited for the theme of off-road. The manufacturer of this trailer hopes to lead travelers not only to pay attention to the beautiful scenery in front of them but also to arouse deep feelings and responses in their hearts.