Custom Coach Bus Graphics

custom coach bus graphics - acme vehicle graphics

Custom Coach Bus Graphics

One advantage of digital printing vinyl vehicle graphics is that it can realize some complex designs. However, as a professional vehicle decals supplier, we should take into consideration every aspect when confirming the solutions. And this is especially important when it comes to custom coach bus graphics because the wrapping range is wider.

It’s necessary to meet customer requirements for graphic patterns. Besides, we should also take into consideration the convenience of installation and maintenance.

clear bus graphics - acme vehicle graphicscustom bus graphics detail

This design contains line elements of different colors, and there are overlapping parts between the lines. At the same time, the customer requires that the color of the car body can be displayed between the lines. Usually, for graphics with solid color, the common processing method is to cut directly from the vinyl film.

But in this case, if we produce the decal with a plotter, it will be tricky during installation. So ACME figures out a solution to print the lines on a clear vinyl film. Let’s check the result.

custom bus wraps-complex lines

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