Custom Car Decals

custom decals for cars

Custom Car Decals

custom decals for carscar decal stickers custom

You may think the custom car decals above seem nothing special at the first glance. The design and processing techniques are indeed not complicated, just cutting some geometric shapes from the vinyl material. However, the whole graphics solution is the major part we’re talking about today.

custom car decalscustom car decals silver

This decal will be applied to the interior lighting of an autonomous driving minibus. The customer requires the rounded rectangle lines around the triangles shall not be translucent when the light is on. However, the whole graphics shall be silver when the light is off. Since the silver vinyl film is not opaque enough to block the light, ACME figures out a special graphic solution. As a result, when the light is on, the triangles in the middle will be translucent while the rounded rectangle lines are not.

silver car decals

We use premium vinyl material for custom car decals and vehicle wraps. There are air-release channels on the back adhesive for easy installation and repositioning.

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