Custom car decal stickers

car decal stickers

Custom car decal stickers

Last week, our customer purchased car door decal stickers for the company’s fleet, and we provided the client with two solutions:
Option 1:Because the lines of the design pattern provided by the customer is too thin. It is possible that the customer may break off the pattern during construction and cause damage to the pattern. Therefore, we redo the design to increase the thickness of the lines.

Option2:Due to the complicated pattern, so the hollow spots must be manually removed carefully. we add a flexible transfer layer to the product after hollow spot removal, to ensure a more convenient installation for car decal stickers.

car decal stickers
What is a Decal?

Decals are made up of three layers:

1. The backing paper, which protects and shields the adhesive
2. The design you will apply to another surface has adhesive on the back.
3. On top of the design, there’s a flexible transfer layer.

Why Is a Transfer Layer Necessary for Decals?

Decals are often much larger in size and/or shape than stickers. With that scale and complexity, managing the sticker layer alone would be too difficult. The transfer layer will help your application without risking wrinkles, tearing, or having it cling to anything other than where you want it attached.

The script text would be die-cut, following the outline of each letter both inside and out, using a decal. As a result, a script T is cut out as a T shape, with the bottom loop likewise taken out. The solid, clear transfer layer keeps each letter in place until you apply the decal to your surface in order to maintain the precise shape of each letter and the appropriate spacing between each letter. The transfer layer is then removed, leaving only the script letters that make up the phrase. There is no blank vinyl linking the letters of the decal, as there would be on a sticker.

Learn more about car stickers or if you are interested in one of our car wraps services, please contact ACME Graphics by filling out a contact form on our website.

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