Bus Graphics for Mobile Medical Complex

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Bus Graphics for Mobile Medical Complex

Due to the grim situation caused by COVID19, the government of Kazakhstan has distributed 100 mobile medical complexes to hospitals in early 2021. This batch of medical complexes is made by Chinese bus manufacturer YuTong, and ACME is the provider of bus graphics.

Partial wrap for bus

The bus graphic design elements including the Earth and the electrocardiogram. The color matching is simple and clean, which is well suited for the features of the medical vehicle.

custom bus graphics-acmegraphic.comMobile Medical Complex graphics - acme

For this project, we use premium casting grade vinyl film as the raw material, with 4mils thickness. And because of the air-release channels and pressure-activated adhesive, the installation of this fleet graphics is comparatively easier than common vinyl wraps. The difficult part for large-size bus wraps is that different graphic panels need to be combined accurately. So large format printing products usually have higher requirements for design, cutting, and installation.