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car wrapping training course ACME
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Car Wrapping Training Courses – ACME

ACME conducted a car wrapping training course today. The training was conducted by Mr.Hou, who is a 3M endorsed fleet graphics installer.

car wrapping training course ACME

Although not all staff need to participate in car wrapping, it is very important for everyone to understand the process and precautions of car vinyl wrap installation.

For example, in the design stage, the effect of the vinyl wrap covering the entire car should be predicted in advance. For some uneven details, the designer should not put a logo or graphic on them. Check out 10 easy-to-make vehicle graphics mistakes.

If you are a salesman who communicates with customers, and you do not understand the actual process of car wrapping, then you are likely to give customers wrong advice.

For production staff, no matter the vinyl film is sent to the customer for DIY or installed by us, you need to specify the number of the splicing graphics when printing the large-format graphics. This will greatly improve the installation efficiency.

ACME has two 3M endorsed graphics authorized trainers. When you buy our products, our customer service will send you the installation video, so you can save high installation costs. For various types and materials of vinyl wrap, we have taken relevant vinyl decals application videos. If you are interested in car wrapping training, please feel free to contact us!

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