Where to Get Ideas for Your Car Wrap Design

paint protection film vs vinyl wrap

Where to Get Ideas for Your Car Wrap Design

Although you may find inspiration almost anywhere, it can be tricky. And deciding what and how to put in the car wrap design for your company’s vehicles can be difficult. Especially if you depend on the car wrap design to bring in new leads. If you’re not sure where to get ideas for your car wrap design, the professionals at ACME Graphics can help. Some of our favourite places to start for design ideas are:

paint protection film vs vinyl wrap car wrap design

Exploring Different Car Wrap Designs

One of the simplest methods to get ideas is to look at examples of other vinyl wraps done. Or other car wraps graphic designs online as well. This will give you a better concept of what you can include in a car wrap design and allow you to look over a lot of alternative layouts and colour combinations.

Focusing on Branding

When it comes to designing fleet car wraps, focusing on putting your company’s brand front and centre can be a good place to start. Consider using the business logo’s colour scheme to create a similar look. Also using the company slogan as the primary message on the wrap.

Considering Your Favorite Artists

Exploring the work of some of your favourite artists can help you discover ideas for your car wrap design. If you don’t have a favourite artist, look at a variety of art styles to seek a motif or artwork that connects with your company’s brand.

Reflecting on Your Core Values

If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t know where to begin. Consider developing a list of everything your company stands for to inspire you to brainstorm. Finding a way to metaphorically reflect your company’s basic principles will assist you in creating an attractive wrap for potential customers.

Learn more about the different types of vehicle wrap finishes or if you are interested in one of our car wraps services, please contact ACME Graphics by filling out a contact form on our website.

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