Can You Print on Reflective Vinyl?

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Can You Print on Reflective Vinyl?

Reflective vinyl is a special kind of vinyl material. It’s specifically designed to be visible at night when stricken with artificial light such as that from motor vehicle headlights. Company vehicles with reflective vinyl graphics advertising can gain impressions even at night. So besides the logo, vinyl letterings, can you print on reflective vinyl to make some complex design?

Technically if you’re using an old-fashioned thermal resin printer, you can print on most reflective vinyl, although some of them may not hold the resin as well as others. If you’re using a solvent or eco-solvent inkjet, you can print on some reflective vinyl, but not all of it.

ACME uses 3M IJ680 reflective film as the raw material for printing. It’s compatible with Solvent, UV, and Latex Inkjet printing.

reflective vinyl and common vinylreflective vinyl material

One excellent point about this material is that it has air release channels on the back adhesive to aid the bubble-free application of large vehicle graphics. Besides, its easy sliding and tacking technology can be a lifesaver for large format design installation.


Reflective Vinyl Graphic Effect after Printing

The final reflective effect of vinyl graphics varies according to the original colors of the material.
White reflective vinyl, for instance, tends to look slightly grayish or pearlescent in the daytime. You can print most colors on it without affecting its reflective effect. But if you print some dark colors such as black on it, it will look brownish, which won’t be as bright as light colors.

black reflective vinyl sticker

Black reflective vinyl, however, looks black in the daytime and can show bright white at night under the light. It is often produced to vinyl lettering or transfer decals.


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