Benefits of Using Vehicle Graphics for Advertising

benefits of vehicle graphics

Benefits of Using Vehicle Graphics for Advertising

Do you want to advertise your business with a unique advertising method? Vehicle graphics can transform your cars or fleet into a mobile media asset. No matter it’s a full wrap or partial wrap, well-designed graphics can help drive your brand awareness and sales.



The Benefits of Vehicle Graphics Advertising:

Impressive – most people noticed a vehicle advertising in the past month.

Consumer-friendly – more of a suggestion than a forced encounter.

Any time, any place – your vehicles with graphics or wraps can reach almost every area. And they can promote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tracked – cars are trackable with GPS. Vehicle owners can get reports on location, mileage, and impressions.

Cost-effective – lower cost per thousand impressions compared with other media.

Protection – vinyl wraps can protect the original livery of vehicles and even add the resale value of old cars.



If you went through two cars as below on the road, which one will get your attention? Of course, most people will notice the well-designed wrapped car. Attractive vehicle wraps can make your cars or fleet easily stand out from the crowd and grab people’s eyes. This means more impressions and more potential customers for your business!

van without graphics van graphics


Consumer-Friendly Advertising

Currently, people are drowning in advertising, whether it is traditional paper or digital media. At the end of a long day, people need to relax, not sit through loud commercials or pop-ups.

One of the benefits of vehicle graphics is that they are not aggressive advertising. They are like decorations for vehicles, and just appear in front of you when you’re driving or walking on the road. If you are interested in the product or service, then you can learn more. It’s more of a suggestion than a forced encounter.


Any Time, Any Place

Billboards usually have requirements for the position. However, vehicle graphics advertising can reach out to any space as long as the cars can arrive. In the process of driving the car to complete your work, you’re doing the promotion job at the same time!



The effect and impressions lead by vehicle graphics are supported by data. 3M measured the effectiveness of fleet graphics for a US company. They use GPS units to track 10 trucks through two major metropolitan areas.

vehicle graphics CPM tracking

The 90 days study delivers the following key findings:

-Fleet graphics generate an average of 6 million prime daily effective circulations per truck in this study.

-Routes and messages can be optimized to target specific demographic groups.



Using vehicle graphics as advertising is an incredibly economical way from all forms of advertising. Company vehicles are your existing assets and you don’t have to pay for reoccurring costs like billboards or digital media.
A good quality vehicle wrap can last for 5~7 years, so you will find the average daily advertising cost is very budget-friendly. Besides, there are versatile graphic options for vehicle advertising. Full wrap, partial wrap, long-term use, and short-term use, you will find the most suitable one.

3M media CPM compare


Vinyl wraps and graphics fabricated by regular manufacturers not only won’t damage your car, but they can also protect your car. Vehicle graphics are resistant to scratches and abrasion. Premium vinyl wraps are also water-proof and light fade resistant.

When business owners plan to update ads or sell the vehicles, the vinyl graphics can be removed easily without damaging the paint.


Although there are so many benefits of using vehicle graphics for advertising, not all car wraps are created equal. Poor quality products will only lead to disappointment and endless troubles after application.

ACME Graphic only uses top-quality 3M vinyl film as the raw material for vehicle wraps and graphics. The average warranty of our products is 3~7 years, and we can provide 3M MCS Warranty, which is the top standard warranty in this field.

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