Are Truck Vinyl Wraps Worth the Cost?

truck vinyl wrap
Vehicle Wraps

Are Truck Vinyl Wraps Worth the Cost?

There are a lot of truck owners that don’t want to drive around with a boring factory paint job, whether it’s for business or pleasure. They want to make a lasting impression, however, a custom paint job can be costly, a quality vehicle wrap can be a cost-effective solution.
Let’s go over the costs and many factors that go into wrapping a truck,  as well as a ballpark price range for those considering doing so.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Truck Wrapped?

Vinyl wraps are a cost-effective solution to personalize your truck. The entire cost of wrapping your truck is based upon several factors, including:
– Full Wrap or Partial Wrap
– The size of your truck
– The quality level of the vinyl material
– The complexity of your design
– Whether you’re installing it on yourself or having it applied professionally

How Much Vinyl Do You Need to Wrap Your Truck?

The length of vinyl required to complete the work is one of the most important factors impacting pricing. So, how do you figure out how much vinyl film you’re going to need? Here are some of our customers’ most popular trucks, along with an estimate of how much vinyl you’ll need for a full wrap.

truck vinyl wrap
Ford F-150: 25 to 33 yards
GMC Canyon: 25 to 33 yards
Chevy Silverado: 25 to 33 yards
Honda Ridgeline: 20 to 27 yards
Nissan Frontier: 20 to 27 yards
Toyota Tacoma: 20 to 27 yards
Dodge Ram: 27 to 30 yards
Toyota Tundra: 25 to 30 yards
GMC Sierra: 27 to 30 yards
Nissan Titan: 25 to 33 yards
If you can not find your vehicle models above, please contact us to get a FREE consultation.

How Long Do You Want the Wrap to Last?

Wraps those last more than five years can be applied to business vehicles. However, if you want a long-lasting wrap, you may need to select a more durable material, which might be more expensive.
Furthermore, if you want your wrap to survive for several years, you’ll probably need to laminate it. This will prevent the wrap from being scratched, peeled, or damaged, as well as make the final product look much brighter and prettier.
vinyl car sticker overlaminate

Is the Vehicle in Good Condition?

If your vehicle’s paint is in good condition, your wrap work will last longer (and look better). Because this is the section of the vehicle where the wrap is applied, even little scratches or chips can make this process much more difficult.
Before they install the wrap, the wrapping business will inspect your vehicle and let you know whether your paint job needs to be touched up. It’s possible that you’ll have to drive your car somewhere else to have paint problems fixed before wrapping. And this process will add an additional cost, raising the entire price.

Vehicle wraps cost per day is much less than you think!

The cost for ACME Graphic full truck vinyl wrap is from USD 500 to 3000 based on different graphic options and truck sizes. If a wrap costs $3000 and lasts 7 years, a mobile billboard costs only $1.17 each day!

Actually, vehicle wraps can bring you more impressions than you can count. A recent 3M study showed that an average wrapped truck receives six million views per year. Check detailed info. about lasting impressions fleet vehicle graphics created.

Furthermore, you can recoup costs with a higher resale value. Think of a vinyl wrap as a screen protector for your car or van. A full car wrap can protect the finish underneath from scratches, dings, sun damage, and other minor damage, giving you an extra sense of assurance while you’re out on the road.


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