How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Apply Vehicle Graphics

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How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Apply Vehicle Graphics

Today we’re going to share with you some tips and tricks that will change the way you apply vehicle graphics.


Select the Right Vinyl Material

As an old saying, one can’t make bricks without straw. So to apply vehicle graphics, it’s important to select the right material.

When talking about material, you may need to check the differences between cast and calendered vinyl film. For vehicle wraps, cast vinyl is more suitable, for graphics or decals that applied on the flat surface, calendered vinyl is also workable. It depends on your application and installation skills.

If you plan to wrap it yourself, then please select the vinyl with air-release channels on the back adhesive. This will make your installation process much easier.

vinyl film structure - acme

Cleaning Tips

Some corners may be ignored during car cleaning, which will affect the wrapping effect. We recommend wrapping a towel around a squeegee to get down into the crevices, as shown below.


Tips for Using Transfer Tape

For vinyl lettering and some special car stickers, we will apply transfer tape on top of the graphics for easy installation. After installation, we suggest you leave the transfer tape in place for 24 hours before gently removing it.

apply vehicle graphics

How to Deal with Bubbles? (For Cast & Calendered Vinyl)

For bubbles that appeared when applying cast vinyl, just use your finger to press the bubble into small ones, and repeat this operation. Bubbles will disappear cause the air will go away through the air-release channels.
When bubbles appearing on calendered vinyl film which with no air-release channels. Use an air-release pen to quickly and slightly puncture around the circle of the bubble. Then press/squeegee the bubble.

how to deal with bubbles on vinyl wrap how to deal with bubbles on calendered vinyl wrap


Tips When Applying Vinyl Wraps Edge

We suggest you apply 3M #94 primer to the edge of the vinyl wrap to avoid peeling problems. The primer won’t damage the livery of vehicles, and please note that the primer can only be applied once to the same position.

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