ACME Cooperate with Yutong Bus to help Qatar World Cup!

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Case Study

ACME Cooperate with Yutong Bus to help Qatar World Cup!

Recently, with the opening countdown of the Qatar World Cup, a “Chinese Army” composed of Chinese-built and Chinese-made products is shining on and off the field. In addition to stadium construction, network communication equipment, daily necessities, etc., Yutong’s new energy bus, which represents “Made in China” in the field of transportation, also entered the Qatar World Cup.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

This is the first time that new energy buses serve as the main force for World Cup events, and it is also the first time that Chinese new energy buses have been introduced in large quantities in international large-scale sports events.As the “backbone” of the World Cup transportation guarantee work, Yutong Bus has also become one of the focuses of CCTV.

Fatima Naimi, spokesperson of the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee, once said, “The Qatar World Cup will be an innovative, sustainable and low-carbon World Cup. The electric buses provided by Chinese companies have helped Qatar to speed up the pace of emission reduction, not only reducing emissions. Becoming a highlight of the Qatar World Cup will also contribute to Qatar’s strengthening of environmental protection and economic development.”


Environmental protection film products and labels


ACME, as the supplier of Yutong’s body film logo products, provides the environmental protection printing screen film of the whole body for the new energy vehicles of this World Cup. All kinds of gorgeous design pictures, the curvature and decoration of the arc surface are very coordinated, which is very conducive to creating a positive brand image and improving recognition and publicity.


Green and low-carbon travel

As an important carrier of green travel, bus is an indispensable basic transportation tool for a city. From traditional fuel buses to new energy buses that can be seen everywhere today, from a single mode of public transportation to today’s customized buses, micro-circulation buses, night-shift buses, commuter buses, airport free buses, and shared bicycles and other public transportation are flourishing. Citizens’ green travel needs are constantly being met.

After the 2022 Qatar World Cup, these vehicles will be put into the public transportation system, especially pure electric buses, which will become the starting point of new energy public transportation in Qatar.

As early as 2020, Extreme Ingenuity has provided body wrap and decals products for many foreign EV manufacturers. With the globalization of the concept of green travel, electric vehicles have accounted for more than 30% of all commercial vehicles. The future belongs to new energy . era. The public transportation in international cities not only stands at the forefront of technology, but also absorbs fashion factors. The exterior of the car is a combination of technology and fashion, which will surely add a dazzling sight to the city.


The unique spray paint or pull flower on the EV electric vehicle. Smart and rounded lines, showing a light and flexible dynamic posture, smart and pleasing to the eye, full of affinity.