Difference Between 3M 7725 And 7125

7725 and 7125 liner compare
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Difference Between 3M 7725 And 7125

What are vinyl 7725 and 7125 mainly used for?

transfer lettering sticker

3M Film Series 7725 and 7125 are specifically designed for high performance on electronically-controlled, friction-fed, or flatbed cutters. That is to say, most transfer lettering or decals will use this series of materials. These 2-mil, dimensionally-stable cast vinyl provide high gloss and can be used for screen printing or thermal transfer printing.

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What’s the difference between 3M 7725 and 7125?



7725 and 7125 liner compare

7725 vinyl has a synthetic liner that resists moisture absorption and static build-up, while 7125 vinyl features a paper liner. The paper liner can absorb moisture, which will lead to enlarging the liner and cause the vinyl film to curl. Besides, when being removed from the vinyl film, the moistured paper liner may leave some paper residue.


Cutting Size

7725 and 7125 vinyl weeding size
7725 – Clean, crisp cutting, and weeding down to 1/4″
7125 – Clean, crisp cutting, and weeding down to 3/8″

Both vinyl 7725 and 7125 are suitable for indoors and outdoors, with a lifespan of up to 8 years. ACME Graphic specialized in custom transfer stickers, our skilled staff can do the weeding job really fast. Contact us for a quotation today!

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